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Pellizcadas w/ Teixido

  • Experimental
  • Club
  • Footwork
  • Gabber
Artist — Track Name

tiemposdelruido - La Fabiola
ICE CYBORG - Fractal
Libertad Figueroa - Música Ruinosa
Cybereality - Ghetto De Mex
DLMJ X TR4VI3ZA - Desmadre (MX_US)
Faxtar - Escalera de Hilos
Teixido - RV
Abssys - Farándula (dembow edit)
DJ YAKUZZI - Matalos mami
Safoh & D-ba55e feat. B1zz3r - No More Violence
PVSSY & NTFL - Restos
Sim Hutchins - Baby You'a Drug (Renick Bell Remix)
RGGTRN - PlanCkillallRemix
Teixido - des-frag
Crash Server - Augmentation
Perro Sucio - Agua Inmaculada
Teixido - delayTime
Teixido - Austral


Hispanoamerica is an endless source of sounds, rhythms and topics due to its diversity of subcultures united by language. Based in Mexico, Kellie Cleland explores latin/hispanoamerican underground and popular music, from new electronics to traditional sounds, plus the myths and intricacies that make up the latin american identity

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