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Pellizcadas w/ Hablamos Muertos

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Artist — Track Name

omma - normalno
rosemary loves a blackberry - лето
omma - 1905
cable toy & poexxxali - zalozjnik ritma
sofia rodina remix - eye on the pyramid
poexxxali - у моего кота
Partiboi69 - Booty flow
Errortica - Prison of your spell
Kedr Livansky - kiska
velimir khlebnikov - the radio of the future
arseny avraamov - the march of the future
katya yonder - nostalgia
edward artemiev - fire
new composers - sputnik of life
tanz - tanzevat
mikail chekalin - rave identification


Hispanoamerica is an endless source of sounds, rhythms and topics due to its diversity of subcultures united by language. Based in Mexico, Kellie Cleland explores latin/hispanoamerican underground and popular music, from new electronics to traditional sounds, plus the myths and intricacies that make up the latin american identity

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