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Outer Sounds w/ Waxmouse

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Artist — Track Name

Butane - This Is Your Brain On Music
Photay - Traversing Frequency Bands
Appleblim - Within
Anne Karhu - Breath Between Singing
Vessel - Crowd Control
Micro Audio Waves - Slow Emotion
Kode9 And The Spaceape - Lime
Anaphie - Schubraeuber
DeepChord Presents Echospace - Ocean Of Emptiness
Doctor Rockit - Granny Delicious
Mica Levi - Love
Pangeia Instrumentos - Meta, Beta, Tarabeta
Ben Frost - The Carpathians
DJ Koze - Homesick
Michael Andrews - Philosophy Of Time Travel
Intrusion - Under the Ocean
Murcof - Ulysses (Deathprod Mix)
Scott Solter - Antique Brothers
Jeff Bridges - Seeing With My Eyes Closed
Clint Mansell - We're Not Programs, GERTY, We're People
Deep Nalström - Forgotten Realms
Lukid - Foma
Guy J - 7 Steps
Metavari - Theme from The Grandmother
Tomáš Dvořák - The Glasshouse With Butterfly
Forrest Whitaker - Samurai Code Quote #6
Sleep D - Hot Tub
Thomas Dybdahl - Untitled 6
Duke Ellington - Almost Cried (Flirtbird)
Beck - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes

Outer Sounds

Waxmouse takes you through the outer sounds that craft a warm-up set, from intriguing deep cuts to dancefloor oddities.

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