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Artist — Track Name

Forest Fire HD
BELLOWS - untitled 3
Oliver Coates -Caregiver part 1 (breathing)
Bjarni Gunnarsson - Blur
Lucrecia Dalt - Seca
Paradoxes - PRDXS 1.4
H036 - 09.Xerotonin
UAN0001 - Relay Mix
Yves De Mey - JPSH Geographics
Taylor Deupree - Canoe
Forest Fire HD
Pontiac Streator - Lamp Fest
ZULI - Alo_
Heather Leigh - molly
Calum Gunn - TWELVES
Underworld - Shudder_King Of Shake
Forest Fire HD
Dylan Henner - I Watched them Jump into the Creek
Seven Orbits - SandGrainss
perila - riot_in_a_corn_field
Calum gunn - LOCUS
Taylor Deupree - Canoe

P I T - guest mix (1:08:15)

ll nøthing ll - oxygen
ANKUBU - Delusion _ Extract
Toxe - Be By The Sea
Sbrilly Sbratti - Back
Charity Ssb & Swimful - Plastic Organ
P I T - Year Of The Snake.jpg
woopheadclrms - Noisy woman, bad little invitation, fertilizer
Ipomea - Rauvolfia Serpentina
Joey LaBeija - Joey's Inferno
Kim Gordon - Sketch Artist
Bartuś419 - Toribash
Noumeno - Non Finirà Mai - Bonjr X Scaglia X Fis X Blessed Initiative (Noumeno Edit)
DEADLILBOY - Does Death Smell Like Blood (Rituals)
TRVSHBXVT - FXRTN1T3 (03 Greedo)
lil Zubin - In the background (Prod. Nedarb)
No Death - Balc.ony
Andrea Taeggi - Oculus Cordis
ziùr - ATØ
Kelman Duran - Gravity Waves II
Prayer - Heal


Pardo (Michele Pauli), is a founding member of the Milanese dub/electronic outfit Casino Royale, Italyʼs single-handed riposte to the Bristol trip-hop scene. Casino Royaleʼs 1995 record Sempre più vicini was named by Rolling Stone as one of the 100 greatest Italian records of all time. Pardo has collaborated with Howie B, Death in Vegasʼ Tim Holmes and Photek's protegee' Digital, as well as other Brits he encountered over two decades of recording with Casino Royale (or slipping out of the studio for Metalheadz nights at the old Blue Note on Hoxton Square). He now runs the Florence-based electronic label OOH-sounds and curates the experimental festival Hand Signed, which has featured Bill Kouligas, Beatrice Dillon, Philip Jeck, Peder Mannerfelt, Mark Fell, Sam Kidel and Masayoshi Fujita, amongst others.

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