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OOH-Sounds w/ Jessica Ekomane

  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Leftfield Techno
  • Minimal
Artist — Track Name

tujiko-noriko rooftop
DIS FIG Drum Fife Bugle
Voronoi (Jesse Osborne-Lanthier Rework) V25
novo line To Qatsi and Die In LA
Holly Herndon Jlin Godmother
Paper doll House Glass Tower
Myriam Bleau Coastin
Angel-Ho Jacomina
33103402 mecanica
jessica-ekomane common-fate
rian treanor ataxia-a1
IVVVO 230518
robert-ashley hidden-similarities
Cercueil Flottant Vie de bagnard
Daniel M Karlsson Arrangements for voice 06
M.E.S.H. Omb Extrusus
Jay Glass Dubs Reckless
Dale Cornish Driving Me Backwards
MSYLMA Min Bab AlDaa-i w AlDawaa ٣ من باب الداء و الدواء
OSSIA concrete
Triad God So Pay La
mark-leckey exorcism-of-the-bridge-at-eastham-rake
martina-lussi difusion-is-a-force
Lukas Nowok blk_3

Jessica Ekomane - Guest-Mix (01:01:41)

  • Maggi Payne Gamelan
    Jon Hassell Empire III
    Henry Flynt Celestial Power
    Carlo Maria Amadio Mirage
    Lucy Railton Fortified up
    Kali Malone Arched in Hysteria
    John Tavener The Lamb
    Zoo Khawagaka
    Kristofer Svensson Ett Hav Av Rör
    Jessica Ekomane To Whoever Shall Inherit the Earth


Pardo (Michele Pauli), is a founding member of the Milanese dub/electronic outfit Casino Royale, Italyʼs single-handed riposte to the Bristol trip-hop scene. Casino Royaleʼs 1995 record Sempre più vicini was named by Rolling Stone as one of the 100 greatest Italian records of all time. Pardo has collaborated with Howie B, Death in Vegasʼ Tim Holmes and Photek's protegee' Digital, as well as other Brits he encountered over two decades of recording with Casino Royale (or slipping out of the studio for Metalheadz nights at the old Blue Note on Hoxton Square). He now runs the Florence-based electronic label OOH-sounds and curates the experimental festival Hand Signed, which has featured Bill Kouligas, Beatrice Dillon, Philip Jeck, Peder Mannerfelt, Mark Fell, Sam Kidel and Masayoshi Fujita, amongst others.

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