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OOH-Sounds W/ Asmir

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Artist — Track Name


Environments - summer Cornfield
Eternal Index - Tick I Ink
Villaevin - Troof
Corona - Tokyo Realization 2
Nebulo - Trames
Nebulo - BND ROSE
Elysia Crampton - Sierra Nevada (feat. Jeremy Rojas)
Gooooose - Rusted Silicon
Maxwell Sterling - Of Truth
Jasmine Guffond - Default Cultures
Coeden - NUMENCE
Cucina Povera - Kehoitus
Jon Hassell Dream Theory
Sugai Ken - Katsura
Vangelis - Soil Festivities
Kali Malone - Glory Cannon III
Dale Cornish - 11 Sleepwalker
Heith - I've always found it somewhere else (for. Lubomir)
GEORGIA - Paraglysts Summons Oh
Speaker Music - Percussive Therapy - An Expression of Hi-Tech Soul
Mark Leckey - Ghosted Version of Fiorucci. 20 Years Later
Union - 03

ASMIR - guest mix (57:15)

You can hear, in order of appearance: One hour of 50Hz powerline noise from Serial Experiments Lain (which covers the entire low freq line in the mix), Keiji Haino & Coa, Asmir, Ikue Mori, Ivor Cutler, SOMEC, Maria Grand, Lucy Railton, Triple Negative, John Wall, Robert Ashley, Jacob Kirkegaard (Monk), Patrick Shiroishi, Maxwell Sterling, Li Yilei, Keiko Higuchi & Isshee (共犯者 KYOHANSHA), Shoji Aketagawa Trio w/ Masuko Nakamura & Kazutoki Umezu, Kohei Matsunaga & Masayuki Imanishi, Blue Stork, Taku Sugimoto & Moe Kamura, Taku Unami w/ Moe Kamura & Tetuzi Akiyama, Fabio Perletta, Evan Parker w/ Max Eastley & Graham Halliwell & Mark Wastell, Belia Winnewisser, Ernst Reijseger, Xuan Ye/Chik White, Maria Grand, Yoko Kanno, Masayuki Takayanagi & New Direction For The Arts, Áine O'Dwyer, Heith, Ivor Cutler.Altered by Asmir Lalic.


Pardo (Michele Pauli), is a founding member of the Milanese dub/electronic outfit Casino Royale, Italyʼs single-handed riposte to the Bristol trip-hop scene. Casino Royaleʼs 1995 record Sempre più vicini was named by Rolling Stone as one of the 100 greatest Italian records of all time. Pardo has collaborated with Howie B, Death in Vegasʼ Tim Holmes and Photek's protegee' Digital, as well as other Brits he encountered over two decades of recording with Casino Royale (or slipping out of the studio for Metalheadz nights at the old Blue Note on Hoxton Square). He now runs the Florence-based electronic label OOH-sounds and curates the experimental festival Hand Signed, which has featured Bill Kouligas, Beatrice Dillon, Philip Jeck, Peder Mannerfelt, Mark Fell, Sam Kidel and Masayoshi Fujita, amongst others.

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