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OOH-Sounds w/ Abadir

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Artist — Track Name

Richard Youngs - CXXI - 01 Tokyo Photograph
more eaze - yearn - 01 galv
Eugene Ughetti - Twin Resistance
Hiro Kone - Stom
SYNALEGG - Computer_Series_09
11 Bopal Solo - Traditional (Burkina Faso)
Julian Sartorius - Locked Groove 017
Wesqk Coast - eu genetics (forthcoming on OOH-sounds)
Glass - Anxiety Prime - 01 Spot Explorer
Tell Me To Sin - Adieu Au Langage (Live excerpt)
Ora Clementi - Dialogue Between A Grandmaster Of The Knights Hospitaller And A Genoese Sea-Captain
Giant Claw - Mirror Guide - 04 Disworld (vocals- NTsKi)
Hiro Kone - Stom 35
Joe Beedles - transvection study (🅱️ mix)
Karim Maas & Stave - Interlude
Atte Elias Kantonen - Nom Occasions - 05 C
claire rousay + more eaze - floor pt.3
Kareem Lotfy - Alabastar
Leo - slumped
Luke Slater, KMRU, Speedy J - DIALOGUE#1
Giant Claw - Mir-Cam Startup 
Unknown Artist - In Memory of Simon Kingston (Feat. recovery girl)
Oneohtrix Point Never & Elizabeth Fraser - Tales From The Trash Stratum
Paraadiso - Axis Mundi
MSYLMA & ISMAEL - The Tenets of Forgiveness
Korless - Frozen
Cyberian - Shades of Grey
Bungalovv - Bird Trapping
Ursula Sereghy – Pigeon
Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective - Infinite
Woulg - Submission
Glass - Hybrid Thinking
Ripatti - motherfuckyou
Granul - Maqa
Postdrone - Dawsha FM (feat. PostTawheed)
Space Afrika - B£E ft. Blackhaine 
STILL, ECKO BAZZ - Ntabala (Rolex Riddim)
Onsy - K202
Lee Gamble - Hyperpassive
Space Afrika - <>
Feloneezy - Now I’m Gonna Miss Another One
yab; yvanko - Hydrè


Pardo (Michele Pauli), is a founding member of the Milanese dub/electronic outfit Casino Royale, Italyʼs single-handed riposte to the Bristol trip-hop scene. Casino Royaleʼs 1995 record Sempre più vicini was named by Rolling Stone as one of the 100 greatest Italian records of all time. Pardo has collaborated with Howie B, Death in Vegasʼ Tim Holmes and Photek's protegee' Digital, as well as other Brits he encountered over two decades of recording with Casino Royale (or slipping out of the studio for Metalheadz nights at the old Blue Note on Hoxton Square). He now runs the Florence-based electronic label OOH-sounds and curates the experimental festival Hand Signed, which has featured Bill Kouligas, Beatrice Dillon, Philip Jeck, Peder Mannerfelt, Mark Fell, Sam Kidel and Masayoshi Fujita, amongst others.

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