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Once In A Blue Moon Cafe

  • Afrobeat
  • Dub
  • Blues
Artist — Track Name

Don Cherry - Flute Song
Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars - Toman Teti M'Ba Akala
Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari - Nigerian Reggae
Wau Wau Collectif - Mouhamodou Lo And His Children
Staples, King, Cropper - Tupelo
African Head Charge - Stebeni's Theme
Outernational Meltdown - Giya Kasiamore
Tinariwen - Tenhert (The Doe)
Art Of Noise - Yebo!
Letta Mbulu - Hamba Nam We
Yta Jourias - Adobe Nyueto
Marcia Maria – Amigo Branco
Mano Negra - Out Of Time Man

Once In A Blue Moon Cafe

Once In A Blue Moon Cafe is a cosy, nomadic venue that pops up at events all over the UK, serving up tasty home-cooked food and drink combined with DJs, live performance, workshops and wellbeing. In this residency they embark on a musical journey around the world which spans a diverse range of sounds, styles and genres, along with a bit of chat about artists and the scenes behind them. Tune in for a proper festival chill-out venue vibe! Hosted by PXM..

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