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OJOO GYAL w/ Kemperton

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Hailing from Casablanca, Kemperton goes through a selection of musique concrete from the INA GRM catalog and some UK infused club shakers. All live drowned in tape echoes and metallic spring reverb growls.

Artist — Track Name

Muslimgauze - Satyajit Eye (Reverse Mix)
Michel Chion - Cris et babils
Jean Schwarz - Gamma Plus 1
Bernard Parmegiani - Moins l'infini
Sister Irene O'Connor - Fire
Déficit des années antérieures - Heidelberg Original
Andy Stott - Collapse
Critical Amnesia - 0SNS.B2
Peter Zinovieff - RFG Inventions for Cello and Computer
Source Direct - Approach & Identify (Demdike Stare Cross Border Incursion Remix)
Primitive World - Skins Plastered With White Lead
Joy O - 50 Locked Grooves - A4
East Man - Jaws
Macabre Unit - Jam Slow
Low End Activist - Flip
The Fog - Been A Long Time (Discocaine Klub Vox)
Grand High Priest - Mary Mary
Errol Simms - Crazy
URA - Fugue 01


One hour of genre mashups every fourth wednesday with Morocco's OJOO GYAL. Stay tuned.

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