On Air


  • Bass
  • Electronica
  • Experimental
  • Jungle
Artist — Track Name

DJ Screw - Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight
Smerz – You See
P. Adrix – Zelda Shyt
Rian Treanor – Contra A2
Roly Porter – Mass
Bay B Kane – Theme Spirit
Dj Assault – Jungle Love
GoGo Penguin – Raven
Bjork – Arisen My Senses (Lanark Artefax remix)
Aisha Devi - Light Luxury
Ben Vince - Alive & Ready (feat. Merlin Nova)
Napoli Centrale – 'O Nemico Mio
STILL – Bubbling Ambessa (Afrikan Messiah riddim)
тпсб – Are You Still Hurt
ZULI – Trigger Finger
Sias - Laika (First Mix)
Lee Gamble – Ignition Lockoff
Pessimist - No Matter What (feat. Overlook)
Tricky – Aftermath (Mellow version)


NPLGNN takes the control every 3rd Thursday carrying us through the sub-ohm ambient mood, ethereal 7am sun-cracked panoramas, rave emotions, roots music excavation and dancefloor stabs.

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