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NormCore Attitude w/ Slave To Society & Bad Tracking

  • Noise
  • Industrial
  • Techno
Artist — Track Name

Bad Tracking - Heart
Sans - Flip Flop (Bad Tracking Remix)
Bad Tracking - Vessels
Bad Tracking - Killing Orders
Bad Tracking - Skin Indent
Bad Tracking - Spandau Mechanix
Bad Tracking - Network
Bad Tracking - Black Rew
Bad Tracking - XP-3 VIP
Tyhaja paa - Black Gold Dub
Bad Tracking - Still Wreaking Vengence
Bad Tracking - Heading for a Fall
Gore Tech : Pulse Tundra
Karim Maas & Stave - Blakk
Art Imitation - ILegalizedlt
Clipping ft Sickness - Body For The Pile
Temp Illusion - Two Lands (Selm Remix)
Dryft - Untitled
Presha - Rats
Stormfield & Nomina - Stampede
Ice Eyes - Dark Unit
Evis May - Falco
Container - Creamer
Drumcorps - Dead To Me
Ice `eyes - Gore Face
Red Hand - Emptiness
Milanese - Mr Bad News
Slikback - HIMEI
Kamikaze Space Programme - Trust Your Mechanic
Dj Stingray - Enzymatic Detergents
Shades - The Corruption
Raiden - Ryugyong (Cocktail Party Effect Remix)
Donna Haringwey - Dinner
Nocturnerror - CLVW
Somatic Responses - Last Scan
Pan Daijing - Metal
Aja - Ode To Sophie
Evis May - Lost Animal (Gore Tech Remix)
Sunnk - Heat Death

NormCore Attitude

Show hosted by affiliates of the independent record label Bristol NormCore, based between Bristol & Turin (IT) since 2018. Visions, imagination and dreams, different shapes of electronic music, no boundaries are set here.

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