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  • Psychedelic Rock
  • Surf
  • Experimental
  • New Wave

Long standing Noods residents Manami and Tilly also the tutors of the course will be chatting to our participants about their radio experience accompanied by some eclectic Sunday sounds

Artist — Track Name

4D - Mr. Relax
Ohama - My time
Dislocation dance - Mr. Zak
The Arms of Someone New - Cool as Christ
Mr. Concept - Meg
Bruce Haack - Mean old devil
Paul McCartney - Distractions
LFD - Why Do I feel alone
Aztec Camera - Jump
Whadya want - Involved with you
Pleasure League - Being boiled
New Muzik - Hunting
Cause and Effect - You Make Me Feel Brand New
John FM - February
Qendresa - Real Love


Sometimes on Noods, sometimes in the club. Expect synth-pop, disco not disco, wave not wave and gems of all kinds, led by Tilly, long standing Noods Radio resident based in Bristol.

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