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Natural Language w/ Kay Fabe

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In her show ‘Natural Language’ Kay Fabe uses a literary text as the basis for each show. Through a collage of selected music and audio samples she creates soundscapes to explore themes from the text.

In this episode she combines a selection of music to evoke the mood of Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel ‘The Secret Garden’. As the months grow colder, it's hard to motivate yourself to go outside, hopefully this show will inspire you to wrap up warm, leave the safety of your home and enjoy the stark beauty of the winter months ahead.

Artist — Track Name

Blurstem -Quiet Dust
ghost and tape -sprout
Agnieszka Holland and Zbigniew Preisner -The Secret Garden 1993
Brian Ruryk- Birdsounds_10
Vashti Bunyan- Swallow Song
Dylan Henner -We Turned off the TV So We Could Hear the Birds
Ice Blink -Microsong
Sunmoonstar -I Love Trees
Heavy Cloud -Our Cold Winter Hearts
Glåsbird- Frøhvelv
Brian Ruryk -Birdsounds_8
Agnieszka Holland and Zbigniew Preisner- The Secret Garden 1993
Channelers -Vanishing Point
Ana Roxanne - - -
TOMAGA Days -Like They Were Before
Charlie Megira- Smile Now, Cry Later
Agnieszka Holland and Zbigniew Preisner- The Secret Garden 1993
Murcof x Vanessa Wagner -Avril 14th (Aphex Twin)
Natural Snow Buildings -Solar Flares