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25: Music for Dreaming

Artist — Track Name

Cylob - Majorette
Oval - Do while command-x
K-Lone - Yelli
Rupert Clervaux, Beatrice Dillon - XVII
Total Art of Percussion - Wuhan Wuchang
De Leon - A1
Yoshiaki Ochi - Ear Dreamin'
Satoshi Ashikawa - Still Park - Ensemble
Yosuke Tokunaga - Stool
Arthur Evans - Now what
Mary Lattimore - Til a mermaid drags you under
Nicolas Jaar - Gocce
Alice Coltrane - Shiva-Loka

Muzak Concrète

Synth soundscapes, field recordings, new-age cosmic vibrations, intricate wallpaper muzak, ambient and ambience. Background sounds to get lost in. Based in Bristol and featuring local artists with new/live/unreleased material.

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