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Motion Sickness w/ Junior

  • Hip-Hop
  • Drum & Bass
  • Experimental
  • Techno
  • Jungle
Artist — Track Name

Cherry Pop 5 - Tendril
Lord Tang - Stamps
IDRAMA - b. Metal Lethal
Ura - Entertainment
Tha God Fahim - The Sheikh Pull Up U Shake the Masjid
Buy Muy Drugs - MFKZT
M / R - Drum Dub 1 (Remix)
Ranma Entero - Las Animas
Bhed - Somni
Clemency - Testimony (Perko Remix)
Hoshina Anniversary - Sagarifuji
NA - Workers & Bosses
Olsvanger - Yorka
CCL - Drum On
Tegmun - Turgor
Flytipper - Whorl
Doc Scott - Far Away
Lemon D - This Is L. A.

Motion Sickness w/ Junior

Motion Sickness, hosted by Leeds based Junior, aims to balance raw, organic harmonics with throbbing low end frequencies. Expect an eclectic range of sounds from percussive heaters to spooked out, chugging oddities.

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