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Morning Glory w/ Monika Taneska

  • Ambient
  • Downtempo
  • Synth Pop
  • House
Artist — Track Name

Virtual Echo - Tjugoett
London Modular Alliance - Hive Mind (Sketch 1)
Maria Spivak & Prins Emanuel - Kiriaki
Surgeons Girl - Clouded Temper | Small Steps
Terekke - L8r H8r
Jason Kolàr - Corners
Cromby - Retribution (Shanti Celeste's Chill Mix)
MISH - Fantasy Booze
Yamaneko - Oslo House Sunrise 4K
Xyla - Now
Shinichi Atobe - Regret
D.K. - Journey to the Sun
Tommy Awards - Prometheus
River Yarra - Cafe del Frog
Salamanda - Catching Tails
Kosaya Gora - V Pole Na Vole
Soos - Mundo Cute
Paprika Soul - Come With Me
Degrees of Freedom - August is an Angel
Stella - Pourqoui
Jamma Dee, Benedek - Datafile Groove (feat. Benedek)
Solange - Losing You
Discovery Zone - Dance II
Dee Lite - Groove Is In The Heart
Regrets - Je ne veux pas rentrer chez moi seule
Furious Frank Feat. Ivy Barkakati - Ahora Sí (Original Mix)
Ikonika - Your Body
Plush Managements Inc. - Mr. Mailman (feat. Bea S-P)

Morning Glory

Tune in every Friday morning as Monika Taneska & friends ease you into your morning and get you ready for the weekend ahead. Expect a wide range of selections from ambient to shoegaze to pop and at times, some questionable chat.

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