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  • Chug
  • Dub
  • Experimental
  • Techno

Electronic experiments, sounds from Trilogy Tapes, Clan Destine Records, Eddie Larkin, LFDM and beyond!

Artist — Track Name

Initial - Serwed
Gommone - Wang Inc
Cub Dub - Delaney Venn
Floh Im Ohr - Hum Projimo
Sync Dancehall - Androo
Red Satin (Was White) - DJ GHETTOSCRAPER
What’s My Name - Mutsumi
Not Coming To The Club Tonight - Haddon
Five Seconds - Solar
45 Riddim - Blâme
Plutonium - L/F/D/M
Slug - CS + Kreme
Meine Nöte - unknown
Launderette - Vivien Goldman
Maultier - Hum Projimmo

What's the T w/ MLE

Exploring the dark and twisted sounds of bleeping electro to synth-ed out EBM and pure wave.

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