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༺ MIND MEDITATIONS ༻ w/ Ratiba Ayadi ft. Silent Songstress

  • R&B
  • Cosmic
  • Soundtrack
  • Ambient
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

Timeless - Alicia Drayton ft SHE
The Chase - Foxy Brown
Cry Theme - Klein
Heretic - Oli XL (Cover - Silent Songstress)
Solid, Liquid, Gas - Eartheater
Usher - Climax (((Syrup_Ed))) - Dj Molasses
Amnesia Scanner - AS Atlas
it took a while for me to understand - Nexcyia
Intro - MBODJ Remix - Aho Ssan
Numb - Andy Stott
Atø - Ziúr
Machinefabriek - Daas
I Just Wanted to Know - Philip Jeck
D-E-A-T-H-M-E-T-A-L - Panchiko
Alarming - Ojerime
Dream Scientist - Valium Aggelein
Mukul - Snufmumriko
Dance Like U - Okay Kaya


Each show is its own journey, where listeners are invited to question the ways in which they engage with varying sounds (& music), sometimes light and easy on the ear, other times uncomfortable and triggering. Each listener will have their own unique experience; the triggers point to where one is not free and by this the intention is to challenge and expand the listener.

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