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Artist — Track Name

Shoeb Ahmad - surface.location 15
akka - {recording of azan from amachi's rooftop, coimbatore 2018}
reibang - Cycles
akka - {reading an excerpt from "Know No Name" in "The Voice of Sheila Chandra" by Kazim Ali}
Aaqila - Peripatetic banjo frog in search of sunrise
akka - echoic memory song
Felicty Yang x Panda Wong - thinking about ice cream
Oblique - In Situ
Chloe Sobek - Metamorphosis
akka - 4.iii bodies curl around each other, mirroring movement
Beatriz Ferreyra - Echos
akka - {reading an excerpt from "recitation in four dimensions, ways of attuning commisioned" for first draft gallery by riana head-toussaint}
Aarti Jadu - SENT/SUMMOND [akka edit]
E. Fishpool - I Don't Hate You
Weyõn - EPYLOG


Each show is its own journey, where listeners are invited to question the ways in which they engage with varying sounds (& music), sometimes light and easy on the ear, other times uncomfortable and triggering. Each listener will have their own unique experience; the triggers point to where one is not free and by this the intention is to challenge and expand the listener.

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