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Millie McKee

  • Cosmic Funk
  • Stoner Rock
  • Experimental
  • New Wave
Artist — Track Name

Ozric Tentacles - Valley Of a Thousand Thoughts
Peak Of Normal - Foam
Regis T - Muzik Magic
Die Sportlehrerin - Pete Wyoming Orchestra
Flash and The Pain - California
Meo - Chichita
He Said - Pump
Javier Bergia - Tagomago
Dancing Fantasies - Voodoo Jamming
Charly Garcia - Raros Peinados Nuevos
Maki - Rainbow Mountain
Corona - Bella Cotta
Brigitte Audoli - Bip Bop Phone
Miss - Hip Hop (Orchestral Version)
Yugoslav - Fruit On The Roof
Minnie and Underfunk - Lazy Passion
Les Rita Mitsouku - Jalousie
Pat - Never Look Back
Winko - Winko Harvi
Three Men - Inside
Stroer - Don't Stay For Breakfast
Freddie Piper - Atlanta
Confess - My Heart Was Sinking Fast
Doobie Brothers - Flying Cloud

Millie Mckee

Selector Millie McKee from the Loose Leaf collective provides monthly picks of mind-expanding jazz, rock, fusion and everything in between.

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