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Milkshake Boys

  • UK Techno
  • IDM
Artist — Track Name

Koreless - White picket fence
Vril - In Via
Pearson Sound - Everything is inside out
Tristan Arp - Curved Space
Baba Stiltz - Cant help it
Koreless - Joy Sqad
VC - 118A - Auora
Gacha Bakradze - Western Arrogance
OCB - Aquaquest
OCB - Aquaquest 2.5
K-Lone - Softie
Kincaid - Sugar
Tom Vr - golden memory
Kessler - Moonlight branches
Ike - Stone Diviner
Kendrick Lemar - United in Grief

The Milkshake Boys

The Milkshake Boys, the timid faces behind local Post-Punk and Club night series, The Bottle, venture through their collection of aural confusion. From dark wave oddities to guitar laden psychedelia & zappy IDM, expect varied selections usually with a toe outstretched towards the dancefloor.

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