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Melodic Odds

  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Classical
  • Folk
  • Synth Pop
Artist — Track Name

Angélica Salvi - Arpa
Kelly Moran - Autowave
Bobo - Svefn
Spivak - The Fucking Bed On The Floor
Sibylle Baier - Tonight
The Roches - The Troubles
Seawind of Battery - Summer Hymn
Odessey And Oracle – J'ai Vu Un Croco
Autumn Dust - Spend Another Day
karel - Walking
uh - mama
Danny Lane - Fly
Hilary Hahn and Cory Smythe - Mercy
Orka - Beauty Is In Everything
Nicolas Snyder - Spell of Remembrance
ojeras de damita - along with your eternal memory…
Eydie Gorme - Tell Him That I Said Hello
Ruby Murray - The Very First Christmas Of All

Melodic Odds

Kiara Scuro and Ransom Note’s Rosie Ama explores the sonic spaces between the beautiful and the strange on her bi-monthly residency 'Melodic Odds’. Touching on everything from ambient, experimental, library music and psychedelic folk to chanson, soft rock and synth-pop, she fashions a soundtrack to soothe and disquiet.

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