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Artist — Track Name

N1L - fernweh (AVBVRN Rmx)
W3C - Event Horizon
Bean - Psycho
Baby Blue - DON’T MIMIC
Liars - To Hold You, Drum (Ni-Ku Blend)
W3C - Lucid Dream
Fokus Group - Rave X3 = Murder
Ash B - Realness (Manni Dee Edit)
Kai Whiston - Jruck
Code Walk - Monitor
hmurd - Shepard’s Delight
Le Dom - AVC Sound System
Kai Whiston - Lux
LOFT - Better Lose Your Composure
Yantan Ministry - "LET CHOKE (Kablam x Massacoraman’d Nite Birds x Butter Bullets)"


MegaLast's rowdy nights in London have focussed on queer, hard club trax and abrasive textures. Resident Ni-Ku's breathless shows span choral works to monotrack techno to acerbic hard club to tweaked deconstructions.

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