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Sounds of my Mind - Comfort w/ Medis

  • Soul
  • Dubstep
  • Alternative R&B
Artist — Track Name

Melanie Charles - Mantra
Ana Roxanne - Camile
Tirzah - Send Me
Tirzah - Do You Know
Sault - Miracles
Fana Hues - Bad Bad
Eliza - Livid
Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (remix)
Babyfather - MANNA (feat John Glacier & Vegyn)
Stanley Ipkuss - Old Habits
Oscar #Worldpeace - Ooo
Vegyn - Olbass All Bass
Bones - Windows 95
Raumskaya - tv252
Ivy Lab - Novv
Samba - Yellow
LCY - Garden of e10
Babyfather - Meditation feat Arca
The Pro-Teens - Peachfuzz
Fennec - Girl
Melanie Charles - Be on my Side
Jitwam - yesiknw

Sounds Of My Mind w/ Medis

Expressing emotion through sound. Medis & Friends dive into dusty records and sentimental memories to share songs close to her heart and spread more positive energies through the interwebs.

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