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Lust Pattern

  • Ambient Techno
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  • Experimental
  • Drone
Artist — Track Name

OLIVER COATES - Path in. J Lover One. Yomi. Umbo
Jake Muir - silent sailing
Melting Bridge 融化橋 - DB2D in This World
Fabio Selvafiorita - Convexities, among the ruins
Lutto Lento - Excerpt (for choir and solo voice)
Francis Dhomont - Chambre d'enfants
Black Swan - In 8 Movements, Parts I & II (Stripped Version, 2010)
S P A T I A L - Residual
Nico - Janitor Of Lunacy
oxhy - storing meat in the belly of my brother
Nuno Canavarro - Untitled (from Plux Quba)
KWC 92 - Missing
Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu - Sentiment

Lust Pattern

'Lust Pattern's ambient sounds, DIY electronics, and subdued techno takes a step out of the speed of everyday life and watches the world from the sidelines.

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