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Love Is On My Side w/ Rami Abi Rafi

  • Synthwave
  • Post-Punk
  • Techno
  • New Wave
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

Moloko + - Fields Of War
S.M. Nurse - Frutta
C. Memi
Ovifornia SCI - Mao's Children
Santiago de Gil - Pa Min Resa
De Scheuren - Mannekesdier
In A Lonely Place - Run
In Death It Ends - Futureblack
Borusiade - The Fall
El Deux - Computermädchen
Conrad + Gregor Schnitzler - Shark Eats Ice
A.R.T - Foolish Virgin
In Aeternam Vale - Annie
Nagamatzu - Crackle Black

Love Is On My Side w/ Rami Abi Rafi

A conversation through cold-wave, post punk and synth music tunes has provided me with the suitable background music to reflect on my life choices. I hope that through my show, I'll be able to offer you a space for reflection.

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