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Loose Fit w/ Slug & Oothang

  • Garage
  • Breaks
  • Electro
  • Techno

Slug & Oothang are back in the booth with 60 minutes of club music, exploring contemporary garage, vintage electro and numerous resurgences of breaks across Europe and the States.

Artist — Track Name

Wilfy D - All About You
Aphrodisia - Positive Love (Bump Mix)
Main Phase - Nice & Sweet
Demi Riquisimo - Second Element (T.Jacques Remix)
Rhino Drum - Dark Da Da
Tokyotower - Natural Balance
Electro Force - Getting High
Acco Traxx - Salvation
Ballet Mechanique - Electro
Jimmy Batt - Magic Garden
Jongpadawon - Believe (Stallion Mix)
Marius - Super Marshmallow Kingdom
DJ Slug - Glitzo
Instra:mental - 8
Pillow Queen - Resurrection
Elkka - Everybody is Welcome (Violet's 'It's a Gay Club' Mix
Oothang - Oose Me (Ambient Sheller Mix)
Shades of Rhythm - Fear of the Future (12" Instrumental Mix)