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Loose Fit w/ Oothang & DJ Slug

  • Techno
  • Trance
  • Electro
  • Breaks

Oothang & DJ Slug play cheap records and wonder, where would we be as a society without the Korg M1?

Artist — Track Name

Anthony Acid - doh doh doh
Utah Saints - ???
Alienage - I said (remix)
Eoin DJ - The Dawn
Human Imagination - Do you love me
Louise Marlo - Colour Therapy (Lou Karsh Remix)
Jeku - Mirrors of Madness
DJ Who - Give a little more (mike parker)
Bliss Inc - Pangaea
DJ Life - Waverider
Mac Zimms & The Freak - Mirror of the Soul
Move o Matic - X Rated
Silvio Ecomo - The Pull (remix)
A v B - Ripped in 2 minutes