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Loose Fit w/ DJ Slug & Oothang

  • Electro
  • Garage
  • Techno
  • Ambient
  • House

Loose Fit welcome it's new residents to Noods radio, Berlin-based Portraits founders: DJ Slug and Oothang.

Tune in to an hour of night bus selections of moody electro, garage and unreleased music from talented artists around Berlin and beyond.

Artist — Track Name

Dugong - Thaw
Er - Knopha
Trick - Saint Cava
B'Zircon - Azure x Ultramarine (Perko Remix)
Stylistic - People (minimal soul mix)
Mr. IRL - How To Fly
Mr. IRL - Trance
Stephen Howe - Effective Dreaming
DJ Slug & Oothang - Untitled
James Shinra - Gritti
Harba - TDITD
NL110 - Papyrus
Mr. IRL - Taste (Int.1)
Appaloosa - T.P.K
DJ Deller - Nobody Does It Better