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Linear Movements w/ Illogical Operator

  • Techno
  • Downtempo
Artist — Track Name

Dolphins - Alright
Secret Circuit - Ripe Ready
Roberto Auser - Long Night
The Mockturtle - Megaknast
FROID DUB - Original Stalker
Black Merlin - The Mohican Trance Leopard
Tolouse Low Trax - I Would Prefer Not To
The Creative Technology Consortium {CtC} - On The Edge Of Confrontation
Nixxon - Tsungire
Photonz - Hospital Acid
Serial Experiments - Industry Works
Das A&O - The Rainbow Sponge
The Creative Technology Consortium {CtC} - Complicity In The City

Linear Movements w/ Illogical Operator

Slomo techno, EBM, weird waves and left-field dance manoeuvres. Take a transcendental trip through the outer periphery of sounds old and new.

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