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Artist — Track Name

The Rpature - Pop In Three
Kalima - (Where is The) SUNSHINE Pt.II
Anansi - Song Of Peace
Cymande - Bra
Masekela - Jungle Jim
Jive Afrika - Kisinwa Kudedelwane
The Invaders - Spacing Out
S.Hendy - Diegos Theme
Miami - Hey Y'all, We're Miami
Mickey & Them - Hey, Brother Mn
Triangle - Le Temps Des Tams Tams
Dibango - Aloko Party
Anansi - Sea Shells
Yan Tregger Girls Will Be Girls
Uknown Artist - Scheindung Nacht (FRWCT Edit)
Barbara Lynn - You Make Me So Hot
Direct Drive - I'm The One
Rose Royce - Magic Touch
Direct Drive - I Need Some Sunshine
New Choice - Call Stupid
Direct Drive - Pass the Paper
Rose Royce - New Love
Wilnert Longmire - Funshine
Spyro Gyar - Catching The Sunshine
Sargossa Band - I Like It
Trussel - Love Injecyion
The Syndicate - Dance You To the Ground
The Scratch - Surface Noise
Armenta - I Want To Be With You
Human Mesh - Music Of The Spheres

Lifestyle Division

Every other month, London-based DJ Fred Bruford takes two hours out of your Sunday afternoon to explore the weird and wonderful outer reaches of dance music and beyond. Tune in for everything from synth pop and new wave to psych, jazz-funk, post-punk and more'

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