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Join The Future

  • Balearic
  • Deep House
  • Acid
  • Ambient
  • Boogie
Artist — Track Name

Flexagon - Fort Saumarez: MP2
Holger Czukay - My Persian Love (Remix)
Pahua - Flor De Jazmin (John Beltran Remix)
Barbara Hernandez - All Nite Tonight (Version)
Manjeet Kondal - Ishkaan De Manle (Mr Scruff Remix)
Atjazz - It’s Complete (Fred’s Complete Vocal)
Fred Everything featuring Sapele - A Long Time Coming
Metal - Dislocation Climb (Jamie Paton Dubwise)
Pet Shop Boys - Young Offender (Jam & Spoon's Trip-o-matic Fairytale Mix)

Join The Future

Join The Future is a monthly radio show and podcast hosted by author, journalist, researcher and dance music historian Matt Anniss and named after his critically acclaimed book and compilation of the same name. Most episodes have a specific theme or featured interview, flitting between contemporary artists, historic figures, authors and academics, though the ongoing series has also broadcast recordings of talks and panel discussions, audio documentaries, and mixes. In each show, Matt calls on his deep knowledge of electronic dance music culture, vast record collection and ongoing research into dance music history.

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