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Estate - João Gilberto
No Comment - CAZAYOUX
Passers By - Rosa Cecilla
Butterflies - Matt Wilde
Sayonara Blues - Hideo Shiraki
Agora Ou Nunca Mals - Ana Mazzotti
Dindi Demais - Milton Banana Trio
Scho Guet - Okvsho
Plum Blossoms - Kiefer, Sara Kawal, miamore
Years Ago - Alfa Mist × Amika Quartet
This Time The Dream's On Me - Ralph Sharon
Tears From The Skies - Wax Machine
When Vanishing - King Krule
May Ninth - Khruangbin

Jazz Moves Radio

After inheriting a crate of records at the age of eighteen from his late grandfather, Ben Horton discovered a world of music he had never paid much attention to. Multiple records from Oscar Peterson, Luiz Bonfa, Stan Getz and Sergio Mendes (among others) opened his eyes and ears to the amazing genre that is Jazz. Nearly ten years later and his love for the genre has never stopped growing. Jazz is constantly moving in different directions and is constantly moving him. Jazz moves across and through genres like nothing else, changing and fusing with other sounds along the way. This show is a celebration of the best contemporary and classic jazz sounds mixed with Jazz Fusion, Piano Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul, Latin Jazz, Electronic Music and more! Hosted by Ben Horton.

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