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Isabel del Bosco

  • Ambient
  • Folk
  • IDM
  • Electronica
  • New Age
Artist — Track Name

Green-House - Mycorrhizae Dreams
Don Herbert - Sidekick
Oscilation Circuit - Nocturne
K.A.A.N. & Klaus Layer - King Solomon (Instrumental)
Settima Tacca - Waltz
Lol Coxhill, Morgan Fisher - Flotsam
FM Forest - Bull Of The Woods
Coppice Halifax - Luxury
Ilkae - Camai
Emer - Kaili
Foam and Sand, Robot Koch - Circle 2
The Durutti Column - Abuse
Nailah Hunter - Soil: Song from Silence
Awakened Souls - Sediment
Brian Green - Impressions in D Major
Troth - Nomadic Green

Isabel Del Bosco

We conceive our show as a mixture of our most beloved songs and the most inspiring tones.

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