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Artist — Track Name

Eliane Radigue - Trilogie de la Mort - Kyema
David Rosenboom - On Being Invisible (Live At Western Front, Vancouver) - Part 1
Widt - Soma
Widt - Bogurodzica
Diamanda Gallas - The Dance: The Desert, Part One
Viridian Ensemble - The House (excerpt)
Bernard Parmegiani - 1iere serie : Géologie Sonore
Omit - Enclosures One
Sidsel Endresen / Jan Bang - Rooted run
Mats Gustafsson & Yoshimi - Soundless Cries With Their Arms In The Air
Agnes Hvizdalek - Clinch
Michael Speers - Obturo
Pan Daijing - Lucid Morto
Pan Sonic - Telemiitit = Telemites
Nurse With Wound & James Worse - The Creptile Lickbug
Bernard Parmegiani - 2ieme serie: Points contre
Pan Sonic - Prospekt Vernatskogo
Sound Quartet - Blue but red
Pan Sonic - Routa-Olio = Groundfrost-Being
Pan Sonic - Altistus = Exposure

Infinite Spirit Music

An hour, every first Monday of the month, dedicated to the exploration of experimental music. From spoken word, sound poetry, concrete music to noise, industrial, electronica.

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