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Infinite Spirit Music

  • Experimental
  • Electro
  • Noise
  • Minimal
Artist — Track Name

Eliane Radigue - Jouet Electronique
Unknown Artist - B2 - LSD040
Daphne Oram - Oramics (Introduction)
Ute Wassermann - Strange Song 1
Anne Gillis - Usinage en Chambre des Machines
Panos Ghikas & Jennifer Walshe - Toy Adonis
Mazen Kerbaj - Sample 169-318 (excerpt)
Stine Janvin Motland - DICK
Denis Dufour - Lux Tenebrae
Atrax Morgue - Untitled Live improvisation
Wolf Eyes - Droll V1 Edit A2
Voice Crack - X-Ray Rally
Merzbow - Green Wheels

Infinite Spirit Music

An hour, every first Monday of the month, dedicated to the exploration of experimental music. From spoken word, sound poetry, concrete music to noise, industrial, electronica.

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