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IMBROGLIO w/ Misonica

  • Experimental
  • Punk
  • Field Recordings
  • Ambient
  • Doom
Artist — Track Name

Dan Gibson's Solitudes - Seaside Breeze
Sarah Davachi - Heliotrope
PRISON RELIGION - DMIBH2 (S280F&011668 Google Birth New Incognito Window Remix)
Kasho Chualan - Trauma Nostalgique
Iro Aka - Close Encounters
Field Recording - Frog Chorus
Field Recording - Birds
Donna Haringwey - Get out of me (Swordsmith remix)
EKORS - Menthol
Xerxes The Dark - Solomon's Throne
MedardZmil - Forever
Neptunian Maximalism & Its Supernova Arkestra - VAJRABHAIRAVA : The Summoning (Nasatanada Zazas !)
Kœnig - War is the unveiling of the truth (ft. Rojin Sharafi)

IMBROGLIO w/ Misonica

IMBROGLIO has different meanings; deception is the translation form the original Italian word. In music theory IMBROGLIO means a passage in which the rhythms of different voice-parts are conflicting or contradictory. To put it simpler: it is an irregular way of emphasis; this is what the Vienna-based show is about. Misonica and her guests will explore the crucial rhythms, off the beaten track.

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