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IMBROGLIO w/ Conny Frischauf

  • Experimental
  • Minimal
  • Synth Pop
Artist — Track Name

Essendon Airport - Chant (Excerpt)
Tresque - Cheminante
Englisch mit Readers Digest - In the garden (also popping up in between)
Miko - Im Garten Im Garten
Biitermoon - Krad eht ni Ytterp
Aymeric de Tapol - La Boucle Est Bouree
SPLLIT - Infinite Tower
The Cigarettes - Brave New Worlds
Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Decriptated ( feat. Rosa Yemen)
Fieldrecording - Stimmen
Fieldrecording - Bells La Laguna
Dressed Up Animals - Mondtanz
Conny Frischauf feat. Luīze Nežberte - Laiku Pa Laikam
Essendon Airport - Beating Off
Volodymyr Bystriakov - The Garden Creatures Theme
The Students - Il Pleut
STP Circle - Einfach zu dir
Bernard -Parmegiani - Spot pub
Creep City - Jaw Harp Fieldrecording
4 seconds of - Pink Label - Good Luck
Software Seduction - New Collision
Muusa - Tempus Saltandi!
Creep City - Jaw Harp Fieldrecording
Phantom Band - Gravity
Creep City - Jaw Harp Fieldrecording
Outro - textedit,

IMBROGLIO w/ Misonica

IMBROGLIO has different meanings; deception is the translation form the original Italian word. In music theory IMBROGLIO means a passage in which the rhythms of different voice-parts are conflicting or contradictory. To put it simpler: it is an irregular way of emphasis; this is what the Vienna-based show is about. Misonica and her guests will explore the crucial rhythms, off the beaten track.

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