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Extreme Measures w/ TEAK

  • Ambient
  • Gaelic
  • Italo
  • New Wave
Artist — Track Name

Elodie Louten - Imaginery Husband
Operating Theatre - Elation after hours
Dorothy Carter - Tree of Life
Carlos Mariainade & Nuno Canavarro - Segredos M.
Henry Kaiser - Free to Choose
Ana Roxanne - In a Small Valley
The Edge - Rowena's Theme
Quiet Force - Listen to the Music
Yu Su - Of yesterday (Instrumental)
Susie Vega - Tom Stiner
Durutti Column - Grace
Jura Soundsytem - Mamma Capes
Eindkrak - Night-Time Rabbi
He Said - Pump
Art Fine Dark Silence (Extended Mix)
The Last Poets Mean Machine (Rap Version)
Carry On - Next to me (Talking Version)
Export - Pearl Harbour
Rizzo Hot Desire (Blue Version)
C Cat Trance - I looked for you
La Compagnie Créole A.I.E (The LL Club mix)
King Maker Mob - Mad Days
Martin Dupont He saw the light (Mick Willis Edit)
U2 Lemon (Perfecto Mix)
B.C The Bsica Boom My hair (The Serious Bass Drum Mix)
Yoko Ono - Walking on the ice

Approximate Measures w/ TEAK

From New Age to New Beat; Teak present sounds from the depths of their basement

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