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An Awkward Guest

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  • Freak Folk
  • Alt-Pop
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  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

Quantic Dream - excerpt from "Kara"
Ana Roxanne - I'm Every Sparkly Woman
Elaine Howley - Archeological Longing
Félicia Atkinson - You Have To Have Eyes
Mica Levi - Creation
Mondlane - Solstice
Grouper - Vital
Laura Groves - Synchronicity
Yakka Doon - A Virtuous Life
Steve Sobs - beginning again
Discovery Zone - Sophia Again
Carla dal Forno - I'm Conscious
Model/Actriz - New Face
Kara Delik - Oh, well
Black Belt Eagle Scout - You're Me & I'm You
Slowfoam - Intimation
Quantic Dream - excerpt from "Kara"
Aoi Teshima - Therru's Song
Terms - 13 Year Cicada

An Awkward Guest

A puzzle where pieces fit but come from different boxes, coated in generous reverb. Awkward meetings between audio plays, choral drones, tape hiss and any genre imaginable.

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