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Howl w/ .PK

  • Experimental
  • Hardcore
  • Noise
Artist — Track Name

Jacob Birge - Int’83
FAKTOR4 - ´´´´
extremeOBSN - annoy
Zara Paz - Sozialisation ins Jenseits
Death Qualia - Curb Your Fanged
Earwax Jam - Agonize My Receptors
Black Phillip - The History of Kreepsy
GRIDBUG - Absolution (Final Death Of The Self)
Jensen - Alien Invasion Fallout
EOF - Nonalcoholic Tape Deck Monarchy
Samuel Kerridge & Taylor Burch - Transmission 3
KK NULL - Ghost Engine
KK NULL - Armageddon Sky
10Jonk-T - XkintXion
Mouse - Libération
Bassinfected - Cluster
Rysavy & Businessman - Biomorphic Entropy


Fed up with the conventional sounds, prejudices & hype-fueled sonic fanaticism of today's music, howl seeks harmony in seemingly contrasting musical ideas; takes her listeners on a dark, dynamic and densely layered aural journey with her DJ sets, meticulously crafted with a selection unbound by genre, tempo, gender, or whatsoever.

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