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Howl w/ Death Qualia

  • Rave
  • Experimental
  • Footwork
  • Folk
  • Noise

This show has a guest mix from Berlin-based American producer Death Qualia. His latest EP, Fanged Contradiction, has been released by Ohm Resistance in October and has been premiered by platforms like Ma3azef and paynomindtous.

Artist — Track Name

Aigokeros - Spinal Temple
Death Qualia & Aethereal Arthropod - ???
New Frames - Shock Value
Aynur & Morgenland Chamber Orchestra - Keçe Kurdan
Michael O’Shea - No Journey End
Inner8 - ???
Szymon - Pyracantha
Slave to Society - ???
Yapaoragami - Where Are You
VSK - Status Quo
Mogano - Terrarium
Mogano & Rell - ???
Fausto Mercier - Angry People Click More
TRNGS - full sail REMIX
[dq doing] -
Trisicloplox - Pit of Wrung
Trisicloplox - Cloaker (V2)
Whiterose - sinX (feat. Ytem)
??? -
Zillakami x Sosmula - Shinners 13
La Peste - Virage dedans
smog - Mécanique Oblique
adammmmmmmmmmmm - ok im real i think
Embrionyc - Obsidian Array
Fausto Mercier - LAZZZZERISM (r hunter Remix)
Aethereal Arthropod - Exo
Mental Wreckage - Lawaai (Filthy Rework by Embrionyc)
ꓕHꓤAX - r ē → ⧼⧼‧•ᐝ✩⋆、⧽⧽ n ē g ā t ↻
RMR - Rascal (barely deqonstructed) [RMR HAS IT]


Fed up with the conventional sounds, prejudices & hype-fueled sonic fanaticism of today's music, howl seeks harmony in seemingly contrasting musical ideas; takes her listeners on a dark, dynamic and densely layered aural journey with her DJ sets, meticulously crafted with a selection unbound by genre, tempo, gender, or whatsoever.

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