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Hellfire Video Club

  • Post-Punk
  • Soundtrack
  • Dream Pop
  • Shoegaze
  • Sludge
Artist — Track Name

Roxy Music - Sultanesque
Studio G Group - Hi Bird
Fun Boy Three - Our Lips Are Sealed (Urdu Version)
Kohntarkosz Excerpt - Magma
Rich La Bonte - Chance Circumstance
The Passage - Clock Paradox
Minny Pops - Dolphin Spurt
John Barry - The Persuaders
John Callaghan - Smearhead
High Wolf - Free Your Energy Field
Hieroglyphic Being - Temple of the Moon
Calling Hearts - Man in a Bowler Hat
Nino Ferrer - The Garden
Scritti Politti - Asylums in Jerusalem
Yoko Ono - Open Your Box
Harald Sack Ziegler & Frank Schultge Blumm - Die Funte Dengeloponie
Spring - Fallin' in Love
Weyes Bluhd - Shattered Mirror
Princess Tinymeat - A Bun in the Oven
Gianfranco Reverberi - Orgiastic Ritual
Bugger Sod - Look to the Left / To the Right
Robert Charlebois & Louise Forestier - Lindberg
Dymaxion - Verfremdungseffekt
Ashtray Navigations - River Sauce Desert
Christoph De Babalon - Extreme Joy
Goom - Petite Sieste
Johnny Harris - Footprints on the Moon
Delia Derbyshire & Anthony Newley - I Decoded You
Michel Legrand - Who Are You Polly Magoo?
Mont Vernon Arts Lab - Window
Flying Lizards - Continuity
Drone - Cavern
Paavoharju - Paavoharju
OMD - 4 Neu
Young Marble Giants - Rumbling Yen's Goat
Fugu - F24
Saturn - Potme Nam Radio hrat
Tinwhistle Brass Band - Thousand Stars Burst Open

Hellfire Video Club

HFVC started life in 2011 as a monthly film/DJ night at the Cube Microplex, Bristol. Celebrating lesser-spotted examples of top-grade vintage psychotropic cinema: Cult/Psychedelic/world-wide-weirdness etc. Their Noods show has them digging deep into our dog-eared vinyl collections to play an occasionally thematic, musically all-over-the place grab bag of wigged-out Hellfire favourites. From fuzz to flutes. Sitars to Synths. The melodic to the moronic.

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