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Hellfire Video Club

  • Psychedelic Rock
  • Funk
  • Synth Pop
  • Electro
Artist — Track Name

Gloria - Metti Una Sera A Cena
Ilous Decuyper - L'elu Non
Las Dynamiques - Mi Kpon Bo Do
El Abranis - Athedjaladde
3 Hur El - Omur Biter Yol Bitmez
Satori - Flower Travellin' Band
Reuben - (I Am) Drum
A. C. Reed - Boogalo Tramp
The Hueys - You Ain't No Hippie
Simtec Simmons & Wylie Dixon - Socking Soul Power
Alvin Cash - Diff'rent Strokes for Diff'rent Folks
The Impressions - We're Rolling On
Blackrock - Yea Yea
The Young Senators - Ringing Bells
Faust - Party 3
Can - Don't Say No
Roberto Ferri - Megavattehe
Richard Bone - Digital Days
The Fabulous Pop Tarts - New York City Beat
The Associate - White Car In Germany
C.O.D - In The Bottle
The Rose Brothers - Wall To Wall Freaks
Static Disruptors - DC Grove
Andy Mackay - The Numberer
James Pants - Future Delight
Pop Corn - Antoine
Catharsis - Dis Oui
Obrey Wilson - Eadman
Joni Mitchell - Chelsea Morning
The Free Design - I'm A Yogi
The Raves - Mother Nature
La Revolution - Y'Mouille A Sciaux
Orchestre Poly Rythmo - Adja
Unknown - Amidinine

Hellfire Video Club

HFVC started life in 2011 as a monthly film/DJ night at the Cube Microplex, Bristol. Celebrating lesser-spotted examples of top-grade vintage psychotropic cinema: Cult/Psychedelic/world-wide-weirdness etc. Their Noods show has them digging deep into our dog-eared vinyl collections to play an occasionally thematic, musically all-over-the place grab bag of wigged-out Hellfire favourites. From fuzz to flutes. Sitars to Synths. The melodic to the moronic.

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