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Hellfire Video Club

  • Psychedelic Rock
  • Synth Pop
  • Soundtrack
  • Cosmic
  • Krautrock
Artist — Track Name

Dennis Coffey - Outrageous
Piero Piccioni - Blue Rhythm Festival
BSH - Short Step
La Quinta Faccia - Strano Uomo
You - Electric Day
Soft Machine - Soft Space
Catch Mephisto's Nightmare
Fusioon - Farsa Del Buen Vivir
Pierre Henry - Machine Danse
Lothar and the Hand People - Machines
Christian Zysset - Medium Free Jazz
Expansion - Fire From the Mountains
Goblin - Chi
Graves - Mitchell - Clayton - Juicy Lucy
Now Explosion - Nappy
Magnetic System - Godzilla
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Day Tripper
Can - Hunters and Collectors
Brian Eno - Saint Elmo's Fire
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Stars and Rockets
The Bag - Red, Purple and Blue
Red Crayola - Hurricane Fighter Plane
Suburban Lawns - My Boyfriend
A. More - Judy Get Down
Zaza - Zauberstab
Lost Gringos - Tambo Machay
Amon Duul II - Cerberus
Mogallar - Ternek
Phil Cordell - Red Lady
Lucifer - Old Mother Nature
Walter Franco - Muito Tudo
Konrad - Back To Me
Enno Velthuys - Down By The Stormy Sea
Eric Peters - Video Animatics
Uri Geller - Mood

Hellfire Video Club

HFVC started life in 2011 as a monthly film/DJ night at the Cube Microplex, Bristol. Celebrating lesser-spotted examples of top-grade vintage psychotropic cinema: Cult/Psychedelic/world-wide-weirdness etc. Their Noods show has them digging deep into our dog-eared vinyl collections to play an occasionally thematic, musically all-over-the place grab bag of wigged-out Hellfire favourites. From fuzz to flutes. Sitars to Synths. The melodic to the moronic.

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