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Headroom w/ James Alexander Bright

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A journey through time & space to welcome you into 2021. 1hour of good music!

Artist — Track Name

Scent Of India - Dukes Of Chutney
Eddie Chacon - Hurt
18 Carat Affair - Bitter Turns To Sugar
Dinner Party - First Responders
Taylor Barrow - Feat Hairy Hands - So Sick For You
Stimulator Jones - Shaman's Dose
Swamp Dogg - Feat Justin Vernon - Sleepong Without You Is A Drag
Sans Soucis - Air
77 : 78 - Swooping Like Eagles
Gal Costa - Passarinho
Ela Minus - Dominique
Ghost Funk Orchestra - Fuzzy Logic
East Coast Love Affair - Taken For Granted
Avalon Emerson - Long - Forgotten Fairytale
Rustie - Surph

Headroom w/ James Alexander Bright

An hourly show - once a month - covering everything from Electronica & Folk right through to Disco & Funk. Each month James talks to a special guest about 'Making Music' and you'll get a different big cat / Cat facts aswell! Whats not to love?

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