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Hanami w/ Manami

  • Downtempo
  • Electro
  • Techno
Artist — Track Name

Wordcolour - Juno
Sputnik 1 - Teef
Tech Support - Eated Soup
Syz - Bunzunkunzun (Yushh's Droop Mix)
Cando - Clutch (Kouslin Remix)
Nick Leo~n - Creation Story
Cassius Select - Born To Defence
Kareem El Morr - Zoom
INGI - Bleik
Manao - Estela
Huerta - Legwork
Nikki Nair - Justtryingto

Hanami w/ Manami

'Hanami, meaning 'flower viewing', is the Japanese tradition of holding parties under cherry blossom trees when they bloom. During hanami parties, you lay down a mat under the trees, admire the flowers, and enjoy snacks and beverages'. Tune in every third Tuesday evening, and join Manami in admiring some lovely tunes whilst enjoying a snack and beverage.

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