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Going Way Back

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Artist — Track Name

TODD 1 & JOHNNY D - That's the way all the way live
JANUARY "20" - Too much money
SPYDER C - Hollis rock
K-9 CORP feat PRETTY G - Dog talk
DOMINATRIX - Beat me, Scratch me
JUST ICE - cold gettin dumb
FRICK & FRACK - Jealous girls
MARLEY MARK feat CRAIG G - Duck alert
TRIBE CALLED QUEST - Description of a fool
FATAL HOUSE - Hit list
STEZO - Put your body into ti
FATHER MC - Father MC going ill
POSITIVELY BLACK - Take no prisoners
NWA - Gangsta gangsta
MC LA KIM - We got the funk
BDP - I'm still no 1 (extended mix)

Going Way Back

GOING WAY BACK is a monthly exploration of Hip Hop's first decade (roughly speaking 1979 - 1989). Joe from Hellfire Video Club is going through his shelves pulling out classics and obscurities from this golden period: Disco rap to electro, drum-machine bangers to sample-heavy random rap bombs. 100% acknickulous.

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