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Going Way Back

  • Hip-Hop
  • Electro
  • Classic Disco
  • Classic Hip-Hop
Artist — Track Name

DEMON BOYZ - recognition
GRANDMASTER CAZ - creston ave
A.O.K - shack it up
DR LUV & KEV-SKI - I aint going out like that
FUNKMASTER WIZARD WIZ - grand conccourse & 138th
CIPHER SOUND - Get moved on
BEASTIE BOYS - Hello Brooklyn
KROWN RULERS - kick the ball (remix 1)
LES BABY LOVE - Take notes
MINISTERS OF BLACK - one of a kind
DISMASTERS - Small time hustler
W.I.S.E. GUYZ - Do the egyptian
ROCKWELL NOEL & THE POET - Massacre (hip hop mix)
SIR IBU - Ibu gets lyrical

Going Way Back

GOING WAY BACK is a monthly exploration of Hip Hop's first decade (roughly speaking 1979 - 1989). Joe from Hellfire Video Club is going through his shelves pulling out classics and obscurities from this golden period: Disco rap to electro, drum-machine bangers to sample-heavy random rap bombs. 100% acknickulous.

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