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Get Loose w/ Bruce

  • Ambient
  • Dub
  • Techno
  • Ghetto Tech
  • Breaks
Artist — Track Name

Floating Points - Mojave Desert
Glen Raymond - Trigger
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Particle 2
Thurlow Joyce - Theo
Speedbooth - Glintan
Seltene Erden - Twinkling Titanite
Ksiezyc - Historyjka
Nocturnal Emissions - The Well Is Deep
Jah I Maz - Freedom Is A Must
Mr Spoon - Grind Your Bass
Bunny Lee and The Aggrovators - Enter Into Dub Part I
Bunny Lee and The Aggrovators - Enter Into Dub Part 2
Joe Gibbs - Never Touch
A Happy Return - Child On The Steps
Raime - If Anywhere was here he would know where we are
Doctors Pepper - Orange
Amanda x Matthias - Jungledam
Tom Boogizm - 8taa!
Cleyra - ???
Mala - Stand Against War
Marco Shuttle - Ewe Tech
Dj Rush - Unsoaked Gin
Juniper - Indigo Children
Dj Slugo - Put My Balls In Your Mouth
Neana - Scrub
PTU - Sirocco
Kleft + Tolga Baklacioglu - Zombie Ritual
Basic Rhythm - Raw Basics
Aeox - Drob
AETYTEKK - Freddie
Aardvark - Monkey See...
Bay B Kane - Wheel'em up
Saint Deepthroat - Gel & Weave Aaliyah Chop (Jungle Mix)
Moin - Right Is Alright. Wrong Is To Belong

Get Loose w/ Bruce

Showcasing new and old soundsystem sonics, rupturous rhythms, negating noise, glissades of melancholy, all at 0-200BPM, in a burp of Holsten Pils scented shite craic. Come shake, flex and loosen your mind and muscles with your loveable and barmy host, Bruce!

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